August 15, 2016 | Sonja McLean, LCSW


After adoption, many families wish they had friends that really understand what they are going through as they parent youth from foster care.  Extended family and friends mean well, but don’t always quite understand the unique issues that surround adoption-they don’t “get it”.

ND Post Adopt Network is creating a mentoring program for you as adoptive families. According to Richard Delaney in his book “Safe Passage”, mentoring is defined as “teaching, tutoring, or coaching provided by a trusted confidant.” (p.5)  It’s goals are to “stabilize, overcome isolation, engender hope, and provide safe passage for a child and family.” (p. 5) The intent is that adoptive families help other adoptive families by validating feelings, providing support, and showing that they understand what they are going through.

Families are able to participate in this program in two ways:

  1. Be connected to a mentor!  Do you have questions that you wish you could talk to another adoptive family about? Would you like to learn how others handled situations? Are you looking for someone to check in with you to see how you are doing?  Your family can be connected to another who has gone through similar situations and knows how to navigate the system.

  2. Be a mentor family! Have you adopted? Do you have an interest in helping other families through tough times through phone calls, text, email, and/or providing informal respite? If so, you can apply to be a mentor family.

We are so excited to be able to offer this support to adoptive families! To participate in this mentoring network, email Sonja at or call her at 701-551-6349.


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