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April 2020 – North Dakota Post Adopt Network
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April 2020

Offer Grace

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For the past few weeks, the novel COVID-19 pandemic has created significant change.  This change has impacted our lives in so many different aspects.  Some parents have been laid off while others are working from home.  Our children are now learning from home, appointments are occurring remotely instead of in person, we are practicing social distancing, and home necessities are difficult to find.  Our normal is no longer normal.   Along with this change, we may be experiencing many emotions including fear, confusion, and increased anxiety.  We may be experiencing bigger or more frequent behaviors at home, as our children are feeling the same feelings of the unknown that come along with these changes.  As parents, we may be overwhelmed, even tired.   Our home may be dysregulated and it’s been hard to find a way to regulate it.

Parents, take a moment to sit, sip your coffee, and give yourself some grace.  You’re unexpectedly playing multiple roles at home, from parent to teacher to setting up a safe place for therapies to happen online.  You’re creating a new normal for your family.  All of which is no small task.   Given the circumstance and with the sudden, weighty changes and your ability to begin creating a new normal, a new routine for your family, you’re doing fantastic.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed.   You are appreciated.

Along with this, take time to take care of yourself.  Your focus is so much on your children, but you are just as important.  Take a few moments to do something for yourself.  Walk the dog, take a bath, cook a healthy meal, call a friend just to say, ‘Hey!’ or ‘Help!’  Also, know you can reach out to your post adopt worker, we are here for you!

This blog post was written by Darcy Solem, Post Adopt Coordinator