Family Bonding

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Participating in bonding activities with your child can help develop a sense of trust. The type of bonding depends largely on the age of the child. Bonding with an older child can be more challenging, while bonding with a younger child may be an easier task. Bonding can create trust, increase positive classroom experience, and so forth. Bonding can also travel through generations, which means that “when a caregiver shows love and compassion towards their children, the child is more inclined to show the same amount of love towards their children,” according to Asoaka (2018). Some of my favorite family bonding activities when I was growing up included going to the lake with family and friends, going to Minneapolis for Labor Day weekend, family vacations, and Holiday traditions.

The suggestions below provide and discuss different ways that bonding can occur, with or without participating in a planned activity. Included are a variety of different activities to help meet the needs of different ages within your household.

  • Open communication: It is so important to have open communication with your children, especially your older children. Having open communication can help your child feel as though they are part of the family and have a say in different family decisions, if age appropriate.
  • Developing routines: Kids will thrive when they know what is happening next and what they can expect to happen. Knowing what to expect with routines can help give kids a sense of control. Routines can include a morning and night routine, work and/or school routine, and different family routines such as meal times, homework times, or family time.
  • Starting family traditions: Family traditions don’t need to occur just around the holidays. Different tradition ideas can include a family game night, movie night, family outing on a special day, participating in a fun family sporting event, and so forth.
  • Baking and/or cooking: Below is a baking and cooking recipe for you to try out!
  • Family movie night: Get out the blankets, pillows, popcorn, candy, or favorite family treat and enjoy a fun evening together.
  • Family trip or outing: Even if it is somewhere close by, getting away and out of the house as a family can create new experiences and memories.

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