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Adoption and Gift Giving – North Dakota Post Adopt Network
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Adoption and Gift Giving

By July 22, 2021 Parenting

Kim Waswick, Post Adopt Coordinator, shares some unique ideas on gifts for people in your life for special occasions around adoption and guardianship adoptive parents.

Adoption and gift giving

A gift or a present is an item that is given to someone without the expectation of payment or anything in return. For some people, gift giving is a sign of affection, or it could be a tradition. It could mark a milestone or an accomplishment in someone’s life. Whatever the reason or motive is behind gift-giving, it can be hard to think of a different or unique gift to give an adoptive parent, adoptive family, or guardianship family. Here are a few ideas that I ran across when I was doing some browsing and research.

Homemade candle – is a beautiful way to honor a birth mom and congratulate a new mom. One of the sayings I found was,

“When the world feels dark,
And hope so far away.
I’ll carry your faith to guide the way.
And until you are ready to let life shine bright,
I’ll be right here, the keeper of your light.”

Plant a tree – Plant a tree in the child’s name so that they can put down their roots. You can watch the tree grow as the child grows. Planting trees on someone’s behalf is a great way to honor someone – and since trees provide so many natural benefits, it is a gift that keeps on giving. Another saying I found was,

“Like branches in a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”

Adoption related jewelry – Jewelry makes for a wonderful keepsake and a way to honor the adoptive parent’s decision to adopt. Popular picks include necklaces that symbolize the adoption triad, engraved bracelets, and rings that feature the child’s birthstone. One of the quotes I found, “Not flesh of flesh or bone of bone, but heart of heart and soul of soul.”

Clothing items – It is a very popular trend for people to choose to wear clothing that reflects their thoughts. Another popular trend is to have matching clothes which shows connection and their bond to their child. One of the memorable sayings I found, “I’m an adoptive dad, just like a regular dad, only much cooler.”

Other ideas – Some other suggestions I found in my adventures on the internet were journals, personalized ornaments, magazine subscriptions, an item that celebrates the child’s heritage, photo album/memory book, photo shoot and time. The suggestions that came along with the gift of time were getting together for a meal, a few hours of babysitting, or sending them a text that you are thinking of them.

When you are thinking about the best gift ideas for adoptive parents, birth families or the adopted child, remember that every adoption relationship is different, so go with your gut and knowledge of the family. Think about what would be the most meaningful and go that route. And your gift definitely doesn’t have to be about adoption or guardianship. If you know them pretty well, get them whatever you think they will love, or something based upon their interests. One last quote I found, “Every family has a story, welcome to ours.”

This blog post was written by Post Adopt Coordinator, Kim Waswick, LBSW


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