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Why is Post Adopt Needed? – North Dakota Post Adopt Network
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Why is Post Adopt Needed?

By January 28, 2022 Parenting

I’ve been with Catholic Charities ND for two months now, and I know that AASK staff speak with families that are just beginning to research adoption almost every week. Many of these families ask questions about current programs and process, length of wait for placement. But what about the questions about the future or what happens “after” the adoption?

Why is it important for families to ask their agency’s role after the adoption? Parenting is difficult in the best of circumstances, but there can be additional struggles with parenting children with hard beginnings. Children who have spent time in a foster home or have experienced trauma and neglect may require additional care from their parents. I encourage families to ask a different but still important question: “Who is going to be there for me after adoption?”

Families often dream of their adoption ending in a “and they lived happily ever after” scenario.  Parents often feel the adoption journey is the difficult part and once they bring home their child, all will be well. Parenting a child who has experienced trauma may take parenting skills and services that families weren’t aware of or prepared for. This is why post-adoption support is imperative!

Many children who join their families through foster care adoption may have deep wounds, and may behave in ways that don’t respond to typical parenting efforts. Which is why we at ND Post Adopt Network meet parents where they are at and for as long as necessary. We have compiled resources for adoptive and guardianship families to ensure families succeed.

Post Adopt can help with the transition of becoming a family after Finalization. We offer support groups, webinars and many different trainings, including Seven Core issues in Adoption and Trauma Knowledge Masterclass. There are even family events including a Mom and Dad’s retreat to help bring families together and get the support they need after finalization and a winter retreat that allows all family members to be involved. It’s imperative for families to know the services and supports don’t go away once finalization occurs.

This blog post was written by Post Adopt Coordinator, NaTasha Sawicki, LBSW


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