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Your family is able to meet other people who are
experiencing the uniqueness of life after adoption just like you!

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Mentor Families

All Families Need Support:

Many families who adopt or provide guardianship to a child have requested support even years after finalization as their children move through different stages of development.

Want to help?

We are looking for adoptive families willing to provide mentoring and support to other adoptive families in North Dakota.

Email for more information on becoming involved!

Seeking Adoptive Parent Reps

Calling all adoptive parents!

We are seeking adoptive parent reps across the state that are interested in working with other parents and the ND Post Adopt Network to give feedback and/or help expand our support groups, training, and mentoring.

This is only as time intensive as you prefer.

If you are interested, please email!

Scholarships Available

Parents and Professionals: Scholarships available!

ND Post Adopt Network wants to invest in YOU.  If you come across a great training or event opportunity you would like to be a part of, feel free to fill out the Family Education Scholarship or the Professional Education Scholarship form. Scholarships will be awarded based on budget, how the topic applies to your role, and your willingness to bring back what you learned and be a leader in our adoption community.

Questions? Email!

It is nice to know you are not alone in this battle of the foster/adopt world.

-an Adoptive Parent

The greatest benefit was getting together with other moms.

-an Adoptive Momon attending a Mom's Retreat

I love the Facebook page support!

-an Adoptive Parent

We would not be feeling as confident in our family's situation had we not had the post adopt worker advocating for us along the way.

-an Adoptive Parent

We love the monthly post adopt emails. Keep them coming!

-a Child Welfare Professional

Through brainstorming with Sonja, we were able to find placement options for an adopted youth that is temporarily back in care.

-a Child Welfare Professional

Do you have ideas on how to make post adopt services better?  Do you have a skill or talent that you would like to share?  Email and let’s talk!